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Already own a Western Digital media player? Looking to build your own DPG-2000? The VPS-2000 Video Pattern Set USB Drive contains all CalMAN patterns included with the DPG-2000, giving more options for pattern generation and providing a necessary tool for generating patterns automatically with CalMAN 5 AutoCalâ„¢ Feature.



Build your own test pattern generator to use with CalMAN 5 Home Video software. Test pattern generators are the most expensive piece of calibration equipment for home theater enthusiasts, yet they are a necessary device for automated calibrations with CalMAN 5 Home Video. While a low-end generator will still cost the average user $600+, building your own is a creative way to save much of the expense.

Who Needs It

Professional AV installers and home theater enthusiasts seeking automated, reference-level test patterns from a standalone hardware device.

What is Included

  • VPS-2000 Video Pattern Set USB Drive
  • Quick-Start Guide for use with CalMAN 5 Home Video
  • Build Your Own DPG-2000 Instructions

VSP-2000 Key Features

  • Versatile and convenient.
  • Wide selection of patterns.
  • Cost-effective pattern generation for home theater calibration hobbyists.


Additional Hardware Needed

  • Western Digital TV Live Media Player
  • USB-URIT (Universal Infrared Receiver/Transmitter) from www.usbuirt.com

Supported CalMAN Software

  • CalMAN Enthusiast
  • CalMAN Control

Includes new patterns for saturation sweeps, luminance sweeps and CalMAN ColorChecker, as well as standard calibration patterns such as those needed for CMS, grayscale and visual settings adjustments. Purchases include complete instructions for building the pattern generator and finding the necessary parts, as well as a guide for using your newly constructed DPG-2000 with CalMAN 5 Home Video.