Performing as a pattern generator and ICC profile manager, Client3 enables computer display calibration via Calman. It is included with all professional versions of Calman (Ultimate, Video Pro, and Studio). 

Please allow up to one (1) business day for your Client3 order to be processed.

Client3 PC Single License


Who Does Client3 Serve?

Client3 serves Calman users who need to calibrate a computer display, but have exceeded the number of Client3 licenses already included in their Calman purchase. Please note that every computer you are looking to calibrate needs a unique Client3 license installed, though the number of monitors connected to each individual computer may be unlimited.

How Does Client3 Help Me?

Calibrating your computer’s display ensures color accuracy for both graphic arts and video playback. Your Calman software will communicate with Client3 via IP in order to administer computer calibration profiles both during and after the calibration process. Client3 can also operate as a pattern generator for a Windows environment.

To use Client3, the software is installed on the computer you wish to calibrate, which may be the computer running Calman or a separate device.

At least one (1) Client3 license is included with all professional versions of Calman (Ultimate, Video Pro, Studio). This product is intended to be used as a supplemental license and must be applied onto an existing professional version of Calman. Calman Home products do not include a Client3 license.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 10® or later with latest operating system updates installed