JETI Spectraval 1501 Spectroradiometer

JETI Spectraval 1501 Spectroradiometer

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The JETI Spectraval 1501 is a precise and economic reference grade spectroradiometer for various applications including monitor and projector calibration, and the measurement of different display types. The JETI Spectraval 1501 is closely integrated with Calman. To learn more about the JETI Spectraval 1501, click here.

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  • Fast measurement
  • Great for HDR (luminance values up to 150,000 cd/m² can be measured)
  • Internal target spot laser
  • Mechanical shutter for dark signal compensation
  • USB or batter powered
  • Bluetooth interface included


Measuring Values

  • Luminance, radiance
  • xy and u’ v’ coordinates
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Color purity
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • Color Rendering Index
  • Circadian metrics, PAR


What is Included

  • Bluetooth stick
  • Battery charger
  • Calibration certificate
  • USB cable
  • Tripod
  • Transport box
  • Trigger connector
  • JETI LiVal PC software
  • Operating instructions and firmware commands (digital)


For more information, download the JETI Spectraval 1501 data sheet here.