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Calman Studio is the complete calibration suite for studio professionals. It is capable of calibrating a variety of monitors, panels, projectors and more across the entire production chain, so that your studio can deliver color-critical content creation on client-facing displays.

Calman Studio


Who Does Calman Studio Serve?

Calman Studio supports content production and the studio market across the board, including colorists, post-production studios, streaming services, content creators, gaming studios, live broadcasts, and television.

How Does Calman Studio Help Me?

Calman Studio gives production, post-production and broadcast professionals the capability to provide complete color accuracy through every step of the production chain – from on-set reference monitors to client-viewing flat panels – while adhering to industry specifications and standards. 

With the functionality to validate and the ability to create custom standards, Calman Studio can be the critical tool to give you (and your client) certainty that color is displaying accurately across all displays.

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What Else Can Calman Studio Do?

  • Optimize display settings for brightness, contrast and resolution
  • Achieve accurate colorspace and gamma calibrations
  • Conduct CMS (Color Management System) and multipoint grayscale calibrations
  • Analyze display performance with the advanced SDR and HDR Toolkit workflows
  • Create comprehensive customer reports for each calibration
  • Automate the calibration process with AutoCal® technology for select display models from ASUS, BenQ, Canon, EIZO, Flanders Scientific, LG, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic
  • Access display settings through DDC (Direct Display Control) with supported display models
  • Generate 3D LUT files and load them into select LUT Boxes and studio reference monitors. Export 3D LUTs in any file format
  • Features the latest Lightning LUT™ technology for color corrective 3D LUTs
  • Calibrate computer monitors with ICC Profile (Client3)

Calman Studio Comes With:

  • Calman Studio software license 
  • Three (3) Client3 software licenses 
  • One year free All Access for Studio

To learn more about the specific capabilities of supported hardware, visit our knowledge base HERE.

Calman Studio Features

3D LUT Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - ASUS monitor HDR.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - ASUS monitor.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - BenQ monitor HDR.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - BenQ monitor.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - Flanders Scientific.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - LG Monitor.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - LG.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - Panasonic.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - Philips.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - Samsung.cwfx (1 hit)
AutoCal - Sony BRAVIA.cwfx (1 hit)
Broadcast Monitor Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
CalMAN Introduction.cwfx (1 hit)
CalMAN Studio Pro.cwfx (1 hit)
CalMAN Studio Pro日本語.cwfx (1 hit)
CalMED Unified Workflow.cwfx (1 hit)
Color Volume Analysis.cwfx (1 hit)
ColorChecker.cwfx (1 hit)
ColorChecker日本語.cwfx (1 hit)
Computer Monitor Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Contrast Ratio Tests.cwfx (1 hit)
Dell Display Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Dell Display HDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Dell Display HDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Dell UP2720 Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Display Check Workflow.cwfx (1 hit)
Dolby Vision Custom.cwfx (1 hit)
Dolby Vision.cwfx (1 hit)
HDR Analysis.cwfx (1 hit)
HDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
HDR10 Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
HLG Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Home - Manual Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Home - Monitor Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Home LG AutoCal.cwfx (1 hit)
Home Panasonic AutoCal.cwfx (1 hit)
Home Philips Autocal.cwfx (1 hit)
Home Samsung AutoCal.cwfx (1 hit)
Home Sony AutoCal.cwfx (1 hit)
LG TV Dolby Vision Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
LG TV HDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
LG TV SDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
LG Uniformity.cwfx (1 hit)
Lightning LUT.cwfx (1 hit)
Lightning LUT日本語.cwfx (1 hit)
LMG LED Cube Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Meter Profiling.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor - 1D and CMS.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor - 1D and CMS日本語.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor - Advanced.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor - Advanced日本語.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor - Introduction.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor - Introduction日本語.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor - Service.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor - Standard.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor - Standard日本語.cwfx (1 hit)
Monitor Check.cwfx (1 hit)
On Set Display Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
On-Camera Monitor Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Panasonic TV HDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Panasonic TV SDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Patterns Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Quick Analysis.cwfx (1 hit)
Quick Analysis.cwfx (1 hit)
Samsung TV HDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Samsung TV SDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
SDR Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
SI Advanced Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
SI Advanced Calibration日本語.cwfx (1 hit)
SI Pro.cwfx (1 hit)
SmallHD Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Sony Bravia Calibration.cwfx (1 hit)
Studio Introduction.cwfx (1 hit)
Studio Introduction日本語.cwfx (1 hit)


Supported Measurement Devices

basICColor Discus
Spyder 4
Spyder 5
Spyder X
Dell - UltraSharp UP-Q (USB)
EyeOne Monitor
Specbos 1211
Specbos 1201
SpectraVal 15xx
CA-210, CA-310
PR-653 (Cinebrate)
Calman Simulated
ColorPro V
Chroma 5 Enhanced
ColorMunki Enhanced
i1Pro Enhanced
i1Pro 2 Enhanced
SLS9400 Series
SpectraCal C5
ColorMunki Spectro
i1 Display Pro
SpectraCal C6
i1 Display Pro/Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus (Retail)
i1Pro 2
i1 Display Pro (HP)
i1 Display Pro (NEC)
Portrait Displays C6
i1Pro 3

Supported Pattern Sources

Optical player or standalone generator (manual control)
AccuPel - DVG-5000 firmware 3 (RS-232 @9600, USB)
AccuPel - HDG-3000 (RS-232 @9600)
AccuPel - HDG-4000 (RS-232 @9600, USB)
ASSIMILATE - SCRATCH Pattern Generator (Ethernet @3569)
Astro - VG-870B/871B/873/874 (RS-232 @38400)
Astro - VG-876/877/879 (RS-232 @38400)
ASUS - ProArt Monitors (USB)
Atomos - Shogun (9600 baud)
AV Foundry - VideoForge Classic (Ethernet @9021)
AV Foundry - VideoForge 4K / HDMI (Ethernet @9021)
AV Foundry - VirtualForge (Ethernet @9021)
AVTOPcontroller - HDfury Integral 4K60
Cine-tal - Davio (Ethernet)
DaVinci - Resolve Pattern Generator
Dell Pattern Generator - UP2720
Dell Pattern Generator
Dolby - PRM (SSH)
DVDO - AVLab TPG (RS-232 @115200)
Eizo - ColorEdge monitors (USB)
Fujifilm/Wowow/TVLogic - IS-Mini(X) (USB)
HDfury - Integral 4K60 4:4:4
JVC - RS/X Internal Pattens (RS-232)
Konvision / Kmonitor
2019 (All models), 2020 Alpha 7, 2021 Alpha 7, LG Projector
2023 Alpha 9
madTPG Software
Murideo - Prisma Test Pattern Generator
Murideo - SIX-G (v1.71 or earlier)
Murideo - Six-G
Murideo - Seven-G
OMOD Test Pattern Generator
OSEE - Pattern Generator
Panasonic - GZ
Panasonic - HZ
Panasonic - JX/JZ
Pandora - Pluto (Ethernet)
Phabrix - Sx (Ethernet @2100 Passive Mode)
Quantum Data - 780 series V1/V2 (RS-232, USB)
Quantum Data - 701 series (RS-232)
Quantum Data - 804 series (RS-232 @115200, USB)
Quantum Data - 801G series (RS-232)
Quantum Data - 802 series (RS-232)
Quantum Data - 880 series (RS-232)
Quantum Data V2 - 280 series (USB)
Ruige (USB)
Sencore - VideoPro 403 in ATSC Mode only (RS-232)
Sencore - VideoPro 401/403 Series (RS-232)
Sencore - VideoPro 300 Series (RS-232)
Sencore - MediaPro 500 Series (RS-232, USB)
SmallHD Monitors
SpectraCal - PC Client II (Ethernet @21060)
SpectraCal - Unified Pattern Generator Control Interface (Ethernet @2100)
SpectraCal - Calman Client 3 Pattern Generator (Ethernet @3528)
SpectraCal - MediaForge Pattern Generator (Ethernet @3540)
SpectraCal - MobileForge Pattern Generator (Ethernet @2150)
SpectraCal - VirtualForge (Ethernet @9022)
SpectraCal - VideoForge Pro
SpectraCal - Game Studio Pattern Generator (Ethernet @4100)
COLR Test Pattern Generator
TVLogic (RS232)

Direct Display Control Support

ASUS - ProArt Monitors Matrix
ASUS - ProArt Monitors 3D LUT
AVF - VideoEq with CMS (USB)
BenQ - PV270/SW270C/SW271C/SW321C
Black Magic - HDLink Pro (USB)
Reference Monitors
Cine-tal - Davio (Ethernet)
Dell - UltraSharp UP2720Q Matrix (USB)
Dell - UltraSharp UP2720Q 3D LUT (USB)
Dell - UltraSharp UP3221Q Matrix (USB)
Dell - UltraSharp UP3221Q 3D LUT (USB)
Dolby - PRM (FTP)
DPI - Titan and Lighting i Series
Eizo - ColorEdge monitors 1D LUT (USB)
Eizo - ColorEdge monitors 3D LUT (USB)
EE - eeColor 3D Cube (USB)
FSI - XM Monitor
Fujifilm/Wowow/TVLogic - IS-Mini(X) (USB)
JVC - RS40/50/60 X3/7/9 (RS-232)
JVC - RS45/55/65 X30/70/90 (RS-232)
JVC - RSx6 Series (RS-232,Ethernet)
JVC - RS840 (RS-232)
Konvision / Kmonitor
2018 Alpha 9 OLED C8 E8 G8 W8
2018 Alpha 7 Super UHD LED
2018 Alpha 7 OLED B8
2019 Alpha 9 G2 OLED R9 Z9 W9 W9S E9 C9 NanoCell SM99
2019 Alpha 7 G2 NanoCell
2019 Alpha 7 OLED B9
2020 Alpha 9 G3 OLED CX GX WX ZX, LCD NANO99 NANO097 NANO095
2020 Alpha 7 G3 OLED BX, LCD NANO090 NANO085
2021 Alpha 7 G4 OLED A1, B1, LCD QNED90, NANO90, NANO85
2021 Alpha 9 G4 OLED C1, G1, M1, R1, Z1, LCD QNED99, QNED95, NANO99, NANO95
2022 Alpha 7 G5 OLED A2, B2 - LCD QNED80, QNED80UQA, QNED90, NANO85, NANO90, NANO91
2022 Alpha 9 G5 OLED C2, G2, M2, R2, Z2, LCD QNED99, NANO99, NANO97
2023 Alpha 9 G6 OLED C3, G3, M3, R3, LCD QNED99, NANO99, NANO97
EP5G OLED Pro Calibration
madVR HTPC Software
Marshall - Monitors (MEI RS-485)
Murideo - Prisma
OPPO - Prisma
Panasonic - VX100 (RS-232)
Panasonic - VT25 (US Models) (RS-232)
Panasonic - VX200, VX300, BT300 (RS-232 @9600, Ethernet @1024)
Panasonic - VT30/GT/DT VT50/GT/WT/DT (EU/UK Models) (Ethernet)
Panasonic - VT30/DT/D VT50/WT (US/Canada Models) (RS-232 VT30, Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2013 ZT60/VT/WT/DT WT600 (US/Canada Models) ZT60/VT/GT/WT/DT/FT VT65 WT600 (EU Models) VT60/WT/DT (NZ/Asia Models) (Ethernet)
Panasonic - BT4 (RS-232 @9600)
Panasonic - 2014 AS800, AX800, AX900 (Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2015 CR, CX, CZ (Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2016 DX8xx Series (Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2016 DX9xx Series (Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2017 EZxxx Series (Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2018 FZxxx Series (Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2019 GZ Series (Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2020 HZ Series (Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2021 JZ (OLED) Series (Ethernet)
Panasonic - 2021 JX (LCD) Series (Ethernet)
Pandora - Pluto (Ethernet)
Philips OLED 9x6/8x6/7x6 LCD 9xx6
Ruige (USB)
Samsung - 2015 SUHD
Samsung - 2016 SUHD
Samsung - 2017 QLED
Samsung - 2018 Q9/Q8 QLED
Samsung - 2019 4k XXX QLED
Samsung - 2019 8k XXX QLED
Samsung IP - 2019 4k XXX QLED
Samsung IP - 2019 8k XXX QLED
Samsung - 2020 4k XXX QLED
Samsung - 2020 8k XXX QLED
Samsung IP - 2020 4k XXX QLED
Samsung IP - 2020 8k XXX QLED
Samsung IP - 2020 4k Q6X QLED
Sharp - 2011 Elite (RS-232, Ethernet)
Sharp - PNK (RS-232 @38400)

Gammas and EOTF


Power Function
ST 2084 HDR
Custom Gamma

Color Gamuts

D65 BT.709
D65 BT.601
D65 DCI-P3
C67 BT.470
D55 BT.601
D75 BT.601
3200K BT.601
3200K BT.709
E54 (Black and White)
BT.2020 SDR
BT.2020 HDR
D93 BT.709
D93 BT.601
D55 BT.709


System Requirements

  • Windows 7® or later with latest operating system updates installed (recommended: Windows 7® or later)
  • Windows 7 Requires SP1 or later
  • 2 GHz processor (recommended: 2 GHz Dual Core Processor)
  • 2 GB RAM (recommended: 4 GB RAM)
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5
  • *Calman also supports Windows 7® or later in VMWare Fusion® and Bootcamp® for Mac OS X® users.